Severance Agreement Florida

Our Fort Lauderdale law firm advises and represents executives, executives and employees with expertise in severance agreements, severance pay and severance negotiations, whether as a result of layoffs, mergers and acquisitions or terminations. Our lawyer, Donna M. Ballman, has extensive experience with employers, large and small, in the areas of employment contracts and all other labour and labour law issues. To discuss severance issues, contact our South Florida law firm, Donna M. Ballman, P.A. While in Florida, the law does not require employers to offer workers specific severance pay in the event of termination of the employment relationship, many employers offer severance pay or severance pay anyway, usually in exchange for unlocking potential rights that the worker may have or a non-compete agreement. The severance pay may also be part of an employment contract or a policy contained in a manual. Severance contracts are legally enforceable contracts in Florida, provided the employee enters into them knowingly and voluntarily. Here we look at the issues of separation negotiation as offered. At Donna M. Ballman, P.A., we advise and represent executives, managers and employees across Florida in negotiating binding compensation agreements. We know best practices in this area and help negotiate severance contracts when employees separate from the organization.

Contact our South Florida law firm to consult with our lawyer on severance contracts. Florida companies may choose to offer severance pay if they fire an employee. Florida companies may offer an employee severance pay or severance agreement in exchange for the abandonment of his or her right to sue the employer. Some companies in Florida call these compensation agreements, compensation agreements, compensation agreements, golden handshake agreements or termination agreements. Recently, a federal judge in Florida had to decide, for the average District of Florida, whether an employee could sue her employer for things she refused in a severance contract she signed. In Florida, severance pay generally applies when an employee is fired or retires early – not fired or fired.

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